This project is divided in two parts:


1 - Creation of logo and visual identity for the Spanish company Mixtura, specialized in themed gift kits, which can be assembled according to customer preference. The demographic of the brand is 18 to 40 years old, medium class. The concept should be fun and friendly.


The logo was inspired by classic video-games, using pixelated typography and characters as key elements. The characters, with mixed body and head, are also present in other contexts besides the logo, emphasizing the brand. The tag line "mezcla, combina y disfruta" (mix, match and enjoy) reinforces the proposal of customization, provided to customers when assembling the kits.


2 - For the launch of the company, a summer kit with flip-flops and sunscreen was created in partnership with the brands Havaianas and Garnier. The project included the development of packaging for the kit, as well as the print for the flip-flops and the sunscreen label. The biggest challenge was to integrate the partners brands, which add trust and quality to the kit, whilst keeping the Mixtura brand identity as the main focus.